Terms of Service

It is important to note that in order to use  Instavideodownload, the Instagram profile from which you wish to download content should be public. This requirement ensures that the content being downloaded is accessible to the public and aligns with Instagram’s policies.

Additionally,  Instavideodownload emphasizes that the platform should only be used for personal profiles. It is intended for individuals to download their own content or content that they have the right to access and download. Any misuse of the platform, such as downloading someone else’s content without permission, is strictly prohibited.

Instavideodownload takes misuse of their platform seriously. If someone reports the misuse of downloaded content or any other violation, we have reserved the   right to block the IP address associated with the user responsible. It is important for users to understand that Instavideodownload is not responsible for any actions or consequences that may arise from the misuse of our  platform.

By using Instavideodownload to download content, users are agreeing to these terms and conditions. It is essential to respect the rights and privacy of others when using the platform.